Adult Discipleship Education

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Every quarter we offer a slate of short-term, high – impact, intensive, adult discipleship courses. Each course meets once a week for a period of 4-8 weeks. Anyone is welcome to register and participate. Registration options appear in our weekly Sunday Headlines, at the start of each quarter. These courses will:

Below you'll find examples of the types of courses we offer.

Foundational Courses

Foundational Courses are required to become a member at LifeJourney Church. 

This course helps you assess where you are on your spiritual journey and empowers you to define your next steps and take charge of your spiritual growth. It begins with several deep discussions about what it means to follow Jesus (not just as a beginner, but even as a seasoned veteran), then explores practical ways to grow your personal relationship with God by experimenting with several different methods of prayer and Bible study, with the goal of finding what works best for your personality. Take your spiritual life to the next level!

Jesus calls us to be part of his church. But why? What am I supposed to get out of church? And what do I have to offer? Besides, people are messy, so why should I bother? Discipleship 102 helps answer those questions and more. We explore topics like what we’re supposed to get out of worship, the importance of small groups, conflict resolution, and the concepts of spiritual service and “spiritual gifts” – did you know you have several? Find your place of belonging in spiritual community!

Elective Courses

Anyone is welcome to take these courses. 

Do you want to know more about Jesus? Have you ever wondered why we choose to follow this Jewish teacher who lived 2,000 years ago? Would it be helpful to walk through a brief, systematic review of his life and ministry? This class is for the new and not-so-new seeker of knowledge. Learn about Jesus’ life; his embrace of diversity and compassion; his fulfillment of prophecy; his global and eternal impact on the world. This course will feature video clips from various films to illustrate key events in Jesus’ life and ministry.

Is the Bible inspired? Does the Bible have to be inerrant to be relevant? Understanding the Bible Better covers these questions along with many others. This course is a “big picture” look at the Bible, discussing topics such as

  • how Jesus used Scripture
  • how the Bible came to exist in its current form
  • the pros and cons of different translations
  • Bible study aids
  • helps to interpreting Scripture
  • the role of the Holy Spirit in both the Bible’s creation and its interpretation

Do you know why you believe what you believe? Could you systematically explain and defend your beliefs? This course that will walk you step-by-step through the basic doctrines of the Christian faith–allowing you to grow your own personal understanding of each area.

Every Christian should take a course like this at least once in life. Tough questions will be asked. Open dialogue will be encouraged. We won’t pull any punches. And when we are finished, you will know a whole lot more about what you do or don’t believe about:

  • Creation
  • The origin of evil
  • Satan
  • Angels and demons
  • Heaven and hell
  • Jesus
  • Salvation
  • The Bible
  • End-times prophecies
  • Lifestyle Evangelism

Did you know that Jesus talks about money more than any subject other than salvation? He did so because money—and how we handle it—is at the heart of life. This class systematically reviews what Jesus, in particular, and the Bible, in general, says about money—earning it, saving it, spending it, sharing it. We’re going to go deep! Warning: The Surgeon General has determined that this course could be dangerous and upsetting! Do not take this course unless you are brave of heart, and really serious about living the teachings of Christ.

How does God expect us to conduct ourselves sexually? This course will cover questions such as

  • Must sex await a marriage-type commitment?
  • Is living together OK or does God expect us to make marriage-type commitments?
  • Is monogamy required?
  • What are acceptable reasons for ending a relationship?
  • Are there any limits to the types of sexual activities permissible between spouses?
  • What about S&M, sex toys, or pornography?

This class has students rigorously study Bible passages that affirm gay people. Students are required to take the information they learn and practice explaining it to other students and outside persons brought into the class.

In this class, we will do a dramatic reading of two or three plays. After reading each play, we’ll discuss how they might inform our own faith.  No acting experience or skills are required. Please note that these works include explicit language and mature content.

In White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism, anti-racist educator Robin DiAngelo (and a white woman) explores “white fragility” – which refers to how white people often become angry or defensive when told they are complicit in systemic racism.  DiAngelo documents the ways in which white Americans struggle to withstand even minor amounts of racially triggered stress and retreat into a defensive posture when forced to discuss racism. Reading the book is suggested, but not required. This will be educational for all races, and needs the specific voice of both white people and people of color in the discussion. Join us for an intense six-week study.

Learn about interpersonal communication styles, understanding and expressing love languages, creating intentional dialogue, effective conflict resolution, identifying and challenging harmful cognitive lenses, emotional triggers, relationship flags, values matching, and establishing and maintaining healthy patterns.  You will get to know yourself better and become more aware of factors that impact your relationships. This is not just for couples; the principles apply to all kinds of relationships. You’re welcome to bring your lunch to class!

You don’t have to play an instrument or be a great singer to grow an appreciation for the many forms of music that have been used during church worship.  There’s no overworking of your brain or homework for this wonderfully engaging class. You just need an open heart and open ears to begin to understand why God gifted so many people within so many forms of music for us to worship and praise with. We will span the history of church music through listening that will touch on and reinforce what you already love while also opening a new world of enjoyment to what you might not have given a chance.  Music, healthy exchange through critiques, and you bring brown bag dinner. Nothing beats listening to music over food together.