What to Expect Sunday Morning

Check out this video to see what you can expect on a typical Sunday at LifeJourney Church. 

Relax! We’re not a stuffy church. Worship services are Sundays at 9:15 am & 11:00 am. We’re located in northeast Indianapolis at 2950 E. 55th Place, near the intersection of Keystone and 56th Street.

We usually have about 200+ people attending Sunday Worship services. Most of our folks dress casual; a few dress up. Dress the way you’re most comfortable. As you enter, you will check-in at the greeter table, grab a copy of Sunday Headlines, and pick up your communion packet.

There will be fun, age-appropriate settings for your kids (babies through high school). Read more info about children and youth programming. Children’s check-in center is located at the greeter table.

The service will include music, a reading from Scripture, prayer, a family moment, a practical sermon relevant to real life, and a time for communion and reflection. Our music is mostly Contemporary Christian, Gospel, mixed with some Traditional Hymns and Classical solo works. Feel free to check out a sermon online.

Coffee, drinks, and nibble food are served in the social hall after worship.

Beyond Sunday

Our Church is brimming with activity! We offer:

A Discipleship Program that will challenge your soul — and your brain, too.

Many Oasis Groups (small-groups for friendship, study, prayer, and support).

Many Service Teams where you can do awesome work for God with others.

Full Children and Youth Programming.

A variety of social events. All these activities are open to everyone – members and non-members alike. For information about when and where these activities occur, see our Events Calendar.

Some Facts About Us

Multicultural & Diverse

We are married, divorced, and single. Gay, trans, and straight. Liberal and conservative. Many different races and ethnicities. Believers, seekers, and people from the full spectrum of church backgrounds. Young and old. Rich and poor.

Theologically Open minded

We are united by our desire to follow Jesus, but respect the fact that followers of Jesus don’t always agree on everything. Sincere differences in theological understanding make a church community stronger, more balanced, and more enriching for everyone. Virtually every church background is represented in our congregation.

Serious about the Bible

Our goal is to be serious about the Bible, not stupid about the Bible – which means studying it thoughtfully, in context, and with an appreciation that good people may read the same passage and come to different interpretations. We don’t all have to think alike.

Justice Oriented

Jesus was determined to do justice, stand with the most vulnerable, and care for the poor – so we strive to do the same.

Passionate about Jesus

We believe that following Jesus is a way of life, not just a part of life. We seek to walk in his footsteps.

LGBTQ+ and Woman Are Equals

In our church, anything men can do, women can do. And anything straight people can do, LGBTQ people can do. Equal means equal.